Welcome to AK-17 apps

AK-17 apps (commonly referred to as just AK-17 or AK17) is an independent Hungarian mobile game development team founded in 2017 by Andras Kiss. They specialize in native Android games, like Chronology, TimeNotes and TimeNotes Free, Rally Raid.

Rally Raid was the first released game by AK-17 apps. The goal of this game was to represent the events and excitement of the cross-country rallies like in Dakar Rally, Africa Race etc. The events of the game are real incidents, which means all of them happen during the real stages. You need to take into account every factor of the condition in every decision you make to handle an incident and anyhow you decide it affects the probability and severity of the upcoming incidents. Chronology and TimeNotes are trivia games based on historic events. The main difference between them is that Chronology focuses mostly on commonly known events, which are learnt by probably everyone who already passed the elementary school and has some experience in life about the events, which happened in world history. The TimeNotes is also a trivia game but it handles many more events divided into several difficulty level and much higher knowledge level is required to have a successful game session. The number of events in case of Chronology is about 500, this value in TimeNotes is more than 22 thousand.

Our Games

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