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I think this is a nice app that helps to put historical events in one nice order. I like that the historical events are taken from various subjects and that I can actually select the subjects myself. The design could be improved as it feels a bit oldstyle. However this app is about history so the old design kind off works. I played signle-player and I'm yet to try multiplayer. - Gabriel Turner

Chronology has to do with history and dates. I like how it ends up being a puzzle and you can join a game or create a game. History majors probably win most of the time if that's someone else you're playing. - Edgar Gomez

Chronology is an awesome quiz game. It absolutely gives you that feeling of satisfaction as you play the different genres. Great game πŸ‘ - Debbie Girle

Amazing application one of the best app best great developer very easy to use chronology app.. recommend strongly - Joey

Chronology is Amazing quiz is well optimize.thanks to it😍😍 - Md Sharif Mir

Chronology is an amazing game..i really like it..Highly recommended - Iqbal Butt

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TimeNotes (and TimeNotes Free)

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Interesting and new game for me, but fun and easy to start playing. Pleasant interface and hours of fun! - Joe Clark

Very good game. Really interesting and Mind challenging game. Easy to play love it. Graphics attract me alot - Syed Hammad Gillani

Time notes free is one of my favourite game. It is an interesting game - Kajal Chakravorty

Really help me with my work I can do all the list because of this timenotes app GoodπŸ‘πŸ‘ - shella waisnawa

This is Fantastic game wow so beautifully Amazing gameπŸ’ž - Siraj Ali

This is my favourite trivia game. - ALL New Movie WALLPAPER

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Rally Raid

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I've only finished the first stage (in 2nd place!), but I have to give the developer(s) credit for this. I LOVE text-based games, and this instantly became one of my favorites. Its almost like a racing version of Oregon Trail. Good job! - TwoBob Lee

Rally raid is an excellent game. I enjoyed playing it. Highly recommended - Ariful Kabir Ahmed

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